Privacy Policy

This is how we treat the data you entrust us with.

It's important for us at SentiSystems that you, as our customer, feel respected and protected regarding how we handle your personal data.

In this document, you will find how we collect and treat your personal data.

Deleting your data

We are required to store some data about you for a specific amount of time, for instance in regards of shipping or accounting.

However, we will try to fulfill your wishes - to the extent of the law.

Drop us a few lines, and we'll se how we can comply.

Tracking and the use of cookies

We use cookies to keep track of you as long as you are signed in to our site.

Queries and request done to the server are tracked and stored in order to keep our visitors safe from malicious users.

If you still are unsure about how we process your information, please get in touch.